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Ideas for Development in the Americas, Volume 30: The Costs of Crime and Violence

EDITOR(s): Funaro, Rita
PUBLISHED: June 2013
RELATED TOPICS: Microeconomics
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The crime and violence situation in Latin America and the Caribbean is dire and the costs can be astronomical for a region with many unsatisfied needs. This edition of IDEA draws from recent IDB research to present some of the eye-opening facts on violence in the region and policy options for dealing with it.

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  • The Political Economy of Citizen Security: A Conceptual Framework
    Technical Notes
    IDB-TN-1343 - January 2018

    Most Latin American countries face a systemic challenge in providing citizen security. In other words, the region’s current insecurity is not only the responsibility of state actors in isolation, but also a product of the entire policymaking process (PMP) to understand policy outcomes. Many problems in this area spring from the lack of coordination among state actors—or from coordination in th ... (View publication)

  • Inequality, Crime, and the Long-Run Legacy of Slavery
    Working Papers
    IDB-WP-793 - April 2017

    Estimating the effect of inequality on crime is challenging due to reverse causality and omitted variable bias. This paper addresses these concerns by exploiting the fact that, as suggested by recent scholarly research, the legacy of slavery is largely manifested in persistent levels of economic inequality. Municipality-level economic inequality in Colombia is instrumented with a census-based ... (View publication)

  • The Effects of Punishment of Crime in Colombia on Deterrence, Incapacitation, and Human Capital Formation
    Working Papers
    IDB-WP-420 - July 2013

    Using individual data on persons arrested in the Medellin Metropolitan Area, this paper assesses whether the change in punishment at age 18, mandated by law, has a deterrent effect on arrests. No deterrent effect was found on index, violent or property crimes, but a deterrence effect was found on non-index crimes, specifically those related to drug consumption and trafficking. The change in crimin ... (View publication)

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