Diagnosis Corruption: Fraud in Latin American Public Hospitals

CODE: B-133
AUTHOR(s): Di Tella, Rafael , Savedoff, William D.
PUBLISHED: January 2001
RELATED TOPICS: Microeconomics


For decades corruption was a virtually unprintable word in official Latin American publications. Today it is frequently a featured topic of government summit meetings, trade talks, and debates about economic development. Diagnosis Corruption advances our understanding of corruption within a particular sector. Public hospitals spend upwards of 2 percent of the region`s GDP and provide, or fail to provide, an important social service. Looking at bribes, theft, absenteeism and overcharging for supplies in public hospitals in various countries, this volume shows that it is possible not only to measure corruption in new ways, but to identify systemic factors that encourage or discourage malfeasance in the health sector. The studies provide policymakers, researchers and public sector administrators with insight and tools in the struggle to reduce corruption, strengthen democracy and build public trust.

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