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Research Projects

The Future of Taxation in Latin America and the Caribbean

Administered by: The Latin American and Caribbean Research Network

Documents related to this project:

Topic: Government and Democracy

Start Date: May 2011

Members of the Coordinating Team:

Participating Institutions:

Annual Report:

Policy Brief:

Working Papers :

Selected Proposals :

  • Assessing water related economic instruments in Central America
  • Effects of non-renewable resource abundance and fiscal dependence
  • Environmentally related energy taxes in Argentina, Bolivia and Uruguay
  • Fiscal Revenues and Efficiency in LAC Non-Renewable Natural Resource Sectors: The case of Peruvian Mining, Oil and Gas sectors
  • Fiscal Revenues and Efiiciency in LAC Non-Renewable Natural Resource Sectors
  • Positive and Normative Fiscal Policy: Some Quantitative Implications for Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Potential and Challenges of Property and Land Taxation in Argentina
  • Potential and Challenges of the Property Tax in Latin America and the Caribbean: The case of Colombia
  • Survey and assessment of Environmental taxes in Caribbean countries – Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica and St. Lucia
  • Taxation of Non-Renewable Natural Resources in Argentina: the cases of the oil, gas and copper sectors.
  • The impact of the cycle on revenue elasticities and tax compliance
  • What Drives Land Tax Collection in Costa Rica?

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