D.C. Political Economy Seminar


The D.C. Political Economy Seminar is a monthly forum on comparative politics and political economy research sponsored by IDB´s Research Department. In this forum, faculty and researchers in the greater Washington DC area are invited to present their on-going projects. Its objective is to provide an opportunity for a fruitful exchange of ideas and feedback, as well as to build a network of researchers in political economy that can help foster future collaboration not only with the Research Department, but also with other areas of the Bank.


Date Title Speaker Institution
Jan/12/2018 D.C. Political Economy: When do Voters Sanction Corrupt Politicians Marko Klasnja Georgetown University
Feb/2/2018 D.C. Political Economy Seminar: The Moderating Effect of Debates on Political Attitudes Eric Kramon George Washington University
Feb/23/2018 D.C. Political Economy: The politics of the globalization backlash: Sources and implications Jeffry Frieden Harvard University
Mar/2/2018 D.C. Political Economy: Rewarding Merit or Luck? Electoral Accountability in Comparative Perspectives Daniela Campello Fundación Getulio Vargas
Apr/13/2018 D.C. Political Economy: Seasonality of Conflict Jenny Guardado Georgetown University
May/10-11/2018 2018 PECO - Political Economy Conference Link  
Jun/1/2018 D.C. Political Economy: Beyond Incentives: Political Integrity and the Delivery of Public Goods Stuti Khemani World Bank
Sep/06-07/2018 America Latina Crime and Policy Network Workshop 2018 Link  
Sep/14/2018 D.C. Political Economy Seminar: Political Hazards and the Choice of Contracting: The Case of Municipal Bonds Marian Moszoro George Mason University
Oct/19/2018 D.C. Political Econnomy: Political Accountability Through Elections and Checks and Balances Álvaro Forteza Universidad de la República, Uruguay
Nov/16/2018 DC Political Economy Seminar: Indecent Disclosures: Anti-Corruption Campaigns and Political Selection David Szakonyi George Washington University
Dec/7/2018 D.C Political Economy Seminar: The Political Economy Consequences of China’s Export Slowdown Filipe Campante John Hopkins University
Jan/11/2019 D.C. Political Economy Seminar: The Long-Term Effects of Plebiscite Participation on Voting Behavior Sergio Urzua University of Maryland
Feb/8/2019 D.C. Political Economy Seminar: Value for Money? Vote-Buying and Politician Accountability with Jessica Leight (AU) Jessica Leight American University


Past seminars



Date Title Speaker Institution
Jan/27/2017 The Impact of Violence on Risk Aversion Pamela Jackiela UMD
Feb/24/2017 Sharing Oil Rents and Political Violence Tito Cordella World Bank
Mar/17/2017 Reform Capacity Johannes Lindvall Lund University (Visiting Boston University - BU)
Apr/28/2017 Voting Corrupt Politicians Out of Office in Paraguay Stéphane Straub Toulouse School of Economics, France (visiting the World Bank)
Oct/6/2017 Family Networks and Electoral Outcomes Cesi Cruz University of British Columbia
Dec/1/2017 Stewards of Accountability: A Field Experiment on Corruption & Inefficiency in Local Public Works Paul Lagunes Columbia University


Date Title Speaker Institution Document
Dec/09/2011 Understanding and Improving Linear Fixed Effects Regression Models for Causal Inference Kosuke Imai Princeton University Presentation
Nov/18/2011 Globalization and Austerity Politics in Latin America Stephen B. Kaplan George Washington University Presentation
Oct/28/2011 The more parties, the greater policy stability Josep Colomer Georgetown University Presentation
Sep/30/2011 The Political Economy of Tax Reform Mark Hallerberg Hertie School of Governance Presentation
Jun/10/2011 The institutionalization of political institutions and the making of policy Mariano Tommasi Universidad de San Andrés Presentation
May/20/2011 Seminar: Brazilian Electoral Panel Study Agenda Agenda
The Strength of Party Labels in Brazil: Evidence from the Brazil Electoral Panel Study. David Samuels University of Minnesota Presentation
Voting for Redistribution in new Democracies: information and Candidate Motivation. Fabiana Machado Inter-American Development Bank Presentation
On Redistribution and Backlash: Are Conditional Cash-Transfers More Acceptable Than Other Public Transfers? Cesar Zucco Rutgers University Presentation
The Brazilian Electoral Panel Study: Limitations and Advantages Barry Ames University of Pittsburg Presentation
Lucio Rennó Universidade de Brasília
Clerical Work: Religion and the Vote in Brazil’s Presidential Election of 2010. Amy Erica Smith Iowa State University Presentation
Apr/29/2011 Private Investment and the Institutionalization of Collective Action in Autocracies: Ruling Parties and Legislatures Phillip Keefer World Bank Paper
Mar/18/2011 Legislator Success in Fragmented Congress: Plurality Cartels, Minority Presidents, and Lawmaking in Argentina Ernesto Calvo University of Maryland Paper

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