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Project Number Country Sector Project Title Financing Status Approval Date
AR-L1316 Argentina ENERGY Regional Infrastructure for Energy, Water and Sanitation Federal Program 300.00 Preparation Preparation
AR-U0002 Argentina FINANCIAL MARKETS Partial credit guarantee for investment projects under the program of support for the financing of productive infrastructure in Argentina 490.00 Preparation Preparation
AR-L1290 Argentina WATER AND SANITATION Water and Sanitation Program for Urban and Suburban Centers (PAyS III) 200.00 Preparation Preparation
AR-T1235 Argentina AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Implementation of an Impact Evaluation for the Program for Rural Development and Family Agriculture (PRODAF) 0.18 Preparation Preparation
AR-T1226 Argentina ENERGY Support Sustainable Energy Development Agenda In Argentina II 0.20 Preparation Preparation
AR-O0008 Argentina FINANCIAL MARKETS Contingent Loan for Natural Disaster Emergencies 300.00 Approved Preparation
AR-T1225 Argentina SOCIAL INVESTMENT Supporting the Execution of the Program to Enhance Argentina''s Social Protection System Equity and Effectiveness 0.20 Approved Oct 15, 2019
AR-T1238 Argentina HEALTH Support to the Program for Strengthening and Integrating the Province of Buenos Aires's Health Networks 0.20 Approved Oct 10, 2019
AR-T1228 Argentina REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Digital Transformation 0.30 Approved Sep 23, 2019
AR-T1224 Argentina EDUCATION Digital Skills, Coding and Robotics in Education 0.20 Approved Sep 4, 2019
AR-T1231 Argentina REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Support to Strengthen Growth 0.30 Approved Aug 5, 2019
AR-T1234 Argentina SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Support to the Expo Buenos Aires Program 2023 0.15 Approved Aug 1, 2019
AR-L1307 Argentina TRANSPORT Federal Program for Regional Transport Infrastructure 300.00 Approved Jul 31, 2019
AR-L1310 Argentina SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Satellite Technology Development Program (PROSAT II) 60.00 Approved Jul 31, 2019
AR-L1312 Argentina HEALTH Program of Strengthening and Integration of Health Networks of the Province of Buenos Aires 150.00 Approved Jul 2, 2019
AR-L1288 Argentina URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Social and Urban Integration Program in Greater Buenos Aires 100.00 Approved Jul 2, 2019
AR-L1129 Argentina TRADE Banco de Inversion y Comercio Exterior (BICE) TFFP 222.60 Approved Jun 28, 2019
AR-L1309 Argentina SOCIAL INVESTMENT Program to Support the Equity and Effectiveness of the Social Safety Net in Argentina -Phase II 600.00 Approved Jun 19, 2019
AR-L1306 Argentina URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Social and Urban Integration Program 50.00 Approved Jun 14, 2019
AR-T1218 Argentina ENERGY Strengthening the Technical, Environmental, and Social Capacities for the Governance of Lithium Resources in the Province of Jujuy, Argentina 1.35 Approved Jun 13, 2019

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