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Project Number Country Sector Project Title Financing Status Approval Date
AR-L1316 Argentina ENERGY Regional Infrastructure for Energy, Water and Sanitation Federal Program 300.00 Preparation Preparation
AR-T1218 Argentina ENERGY Strengthening the Technical, Environmental, and Social Capacities for the Governance of Lithium Resources in the Province of Jujuy, Argentina 1.35 Preparation Preparation
AR-T1211 Argentina ENERGY Support for Resource-Based Socioeconomic Development in Patagonia, Argentina 1.00 Approved Jul 24, 2018
AR-L1291 Argentina ENERGY San Juan Solar Power Project 8.30 Approved Dec 14, 2017
AR-T1147 Argentina ENERGY Support Sustainable Energy Development Agenda in Argentina 0.50 Approved Nov 21, 2017
AR-L1278 Argentina ENERGY Achiras Wind Project 10.00 Approved Jul 11, 2017
AR-L1277 Argentina ENERGY La Castellana Wind Project 5.00 Approved Jun 21, 2017
AR-T1175 Argentina ENERGY Development of a Forest Waste-to-Energy Model to Cover the Basic Needs of the Vulnerable Population in the Municipio of San Carlos de Bariloche 0.83 Approved Feb 2, 2017
AR-T1106 Argentina ENERGY Sustainability Indicators for the Production and Use of Bioenergy 0.22 Approved Jul 31, 2012
AR-L1079 Argentina ENERGY Supply Elec. to Country's Regions under Federal Electricity Transmission Plan 120.00 Approved Jan 11, 2011
AR-M1025 Argentina ENERGY Development and provision of energy services in the base of the pyramid 0.60 Approved Jan 20, 2010
AR-L1095 Argentina ENERGY Additional Financing Norte Grande Electricity Transmission Program 300.00 Approved Nov 30, 2009
AR-T1072 Argentina ENERGY Support Renewable Energy Program Wind Power of the South 0.08 Approved Nov 18, 2009
AR-T1074 Argentina ENERGY Support Renewable Energy Program Wind Power of the South 0.00 Approved Nov 18, 2009
AR-T1062 Argentina ENERGY Free Stall Bio Gas Project & Feedlot Bio Gas Project 0.06 Approved Mar 17, 2009
AR-T1066 Argentina ENERGY Alternative Energy Program in the Provinces of Buenos Aires and Salta 0.68 Approved Mar 2, 2009
AR-T1050 Argentina ENERGY Development and Provision of Energy Services in the Base of the Pyramid 0.00 Approved Aug 22, 2008
AR-T1042 Argentina ENERGY Puerto Rosario Biofuels Project 0.00 Approved Jun 5, 2008
AR-T1029 Argentina ENERGY Support for the Energy Sector in Entre Ríos Province 0.57 Approved Jul 23, 2007
AR-L1021 Argentina ENERGY Norte Grande Electricity Transmission Program 580.00 Approved Aug 2, 2006

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