Jul 29, 2002

IDB Supports global youth services day

Millions of youth work to improve their communities

The Inter-American Development Bank is a founding partner of Global Youth Service Day, an event, which celebrates and recognizes the importance of the work done by young volunteers. This year, over 4 million youth in 150 countries highlighted the power of volunteer service.

"There are few investments as effective as providing young people the opportunity to give back to their communities through voluntary service. I encourage all people and groups to take advantage of Global Youth Service Day to highlight the power of partnership between young people and adults, and between youth organizations and the public and private sectors to create healthy youth and healthy communities" said IDB President Enrique V. Iglesias.

Recognizing the special role that young people should play in the project of building a region of stable democracies, sustainable economies and societies based on equity, the IDB created the Youth Development and Outreach Program in 1995. The idea is to respond effectively to the needs of young people in the region and promote their participation and leadership in the development process.

For the year 2002, the IDB coordinated outreach actions through its 12,000-member youth network. It disseminated information and engaged youth in 22 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean to be a part of the Global Youth Service Day. The program sought official support and participation from IDB member countries and helped finance a volunteer youth service training manual in three languages: Spanish, Portuguese and Guarani.

Highlights of national activities from the third Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) include:

More than 900 volunteers helped organize the GYSD celebrations in Peru, which involved 27,500 participants. Through their efforts, 10,000 medical items and 6,500 school supplies were collected for distribution.

In the Bahamas, the Bahamas Family Planning Association with the collaboration of the Ministry of Youth, celebrated GYSD by launching an educational seminar. The Youth Advocacy Movement also facilitated a session for 100 youth on HIV/AIDS.

In Mexico the celebration of GYSD was kicked off with an event titled : "Soles de Nuevo Leon", which drew 150,000 families from the region.

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