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Feb 24, 2010

IDB finances First Waterways Development Plan of Peru under IIRSA's framework

The main goal is to provide a sustainable commercial operation of the fluvial network in the country

The Inter-American Development Bank approved an $850,000 grant to help the design of the first National Plan for Waterways Development in Peru, which will allow sustainable development and operation of the fluvial network in the country.
This technical cooperation will pave the way for a sustainable commercial use to Peru's rivers, having a significant impact on the Amazon Rivers integration. The Amazon River and its tributaries are the axis of the internal and external fluvial integration in Peru. The total length of the Peruvian Amazonian rivers is 14,000 km, of which just over 4,000 make up the Main Network of Commercial Waterways of Peru.
The National Plan for Waterways Development will consist of four activities:

  • preparing an economic and environmental diagnosis of the existing Main Network of Commercial Waterways;
  • analyzing the development opportunities of the current network in the short and long term based on other successful international experiences;
  • detailing an Action Plan for the current network (that will include institutional modernization and a portfolio of investment projects and a financing plan);
  • and developing a social and environmental conceptual framework for the new waterways development projects based on the application of the Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment Methodology (EASE).  
This work will represent an important step in designing strategies to integrate Peru with its neighbors and the world through efficient and safe means of transportation in a sustainable and rational way.
This technical cooperation is the first plan of this type in Peru under the Bank’s support activities to the Initiative for Integration of Regional Infrastructure in South America (IIRSA). It is also the first in the region that will be developed in parallel to the implementation of the Methodology EASE as part of IIRSA's Planning Process.This methodology will provide a framework of environmental and social references to the group of projects included in the waterways network. The Plan will incorporate these recommendations.

The IDB’s Fund for the Financing of Technical Cooperation for Initiatives for Regional Infrastructure Integration (FIRII) will provide the grant. Studies for the Plan will be conducted by the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Peru through its General Directorate for Aquatic Transport.
The extension of this network represents almost half of the total length of navigable rivers in the Project Group 6 of the Amazon Hub of IIRSA: "Amazon Waterways Network ".

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