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IDB Group and UK approve innovative £177 million financing program for sustainable infrastructure

The IDB Group and the UK government announced the creation of a £177 million sustainable infrastructure fund.

Brazil’s Parana state will improve logistics capacity with IDB assistance

US$235 million IDB loan to expand state’s transportation infrastructure, boost competitiveness.

IDB President, experts to talk to members of media accredited to the Habitat III Conference in Quito, Ecuador

Habitat, the main global conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development, is being held for the first time in Latin America.

Brazilian municipality of Santo André in Brazil to improve mobility with support from IDB

IDB approved a $25 million loan to improve transport infrastructure in the municipality of Santo André, Brazil.

IDB to reward innovative initiatives in gender and road security categories for Gobernarte prize

IDB launches 4th contest of “Gobernarte - Eduardo Campos Award” for innovations by subnational governments.

The IDB recognizes five municipal governments in the Gobernarte Contest and pays tribute to Eduardo Campos

Five cities in Latin America were the winners of the Big Data and Registry categories of the Gobernarte prize.

Brazil’s Ceará State to receive $200 million IDB loan to improve logistics infrastructure

IDB will support Brazil’s state of Ceará to improve mobility, connectivity and safety conditions of strategic corridors.

Brazilian city of Fortaleza to receive $57.9 million loan for urban transportation

With IDB support, the Brazilian city of Fortaleza will upgrade its urban transportation infrastructure.

State of Sao Paulo to receive $480 million to upgrade highways

With IDB support, the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo will upgrade 500 kilometers of its highway network.

Brazil’s Ceará State to receive $400 million IDB loan to improve logistics infrastructure

Ceará will strengthen its competitiveness through investments in logistics.

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