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IDB president pays tribute to women on International Women's Day

IDB President pays tribute to women on International Women's Day and recognize the contributions of women in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Denmark grants $2.4 million to the IDB’s Gender and Diversity Multi-Donor Fund

Denmark donates $2.4 million to IDB's Gender & Diversity Fund to promote gender equality & social inclusion in Latin America and Caribbean.

Narrowing Gaps in Higher Education in Latin America

The IDB promotes quality education for talented Afro-Latino students to contribute to the communities and cultivate entrepreneurship.

IDB and People of African Descent in Latin America

IDB celebrate the International Year for People of African Descent and promotes programs to ensure their inclusion in all aspects of lives.

IDB to present diversity of African descendants in Central America

IDB presents a documentary film that unveils history and identify of African descendants from the Caribbean Coast in Nicaragua.

El Salvador to improve the living conditions of women with IDB support

IDB approved a $20 million loan to help El Salvador finance the Ciudad Mujer Program to improve the living conditions of low-income women.

IDB to Unveil Initiatives to Promote Gender Equality

IDB launches it gender policy and action plan to advance gender equality and women's empowerment in Latin America and the Caribbean.

IDB releases its 2010 Development Effectiveness Report

IDB release development effectiveness report that looks into bank’s development impact in Latin America and Caribbean.

Ten measures to advance gender parity and diversity inclusion will be implemented at the IDB

The IDB will implement 10 measures for the advancement of women and the inclusion of diversity within the institution. winning proposals cover a wide array of actions to be taken by the Bank.

Opening Remarks at the IDB’s Leadership in Diversity Conference: “Setting the Tone from the Top” by IDB President Luis Alberto Moreno

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