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Brazil’s Amazonas gets additional $77 million from IDB to improve urban and environmental conditions in Igarapés

Brazil’s northern state of Amazonas will obtain an additional $77 million from the Inter-American Development Bank to complete environmental, urban and housing works that will improve living conditions...

Medellín showcases its turnaround for members of the IDB Board of Directors

Members of the Board of Executive Directors of the Inter-American Development Bank visited landmarks of Medellín to learn how Colombia’s industrial capital is leading a successful urban, economic...

Water for the future

How the Ecuadorian capital secured water for low-income neighborhoods while preserving a priceless natural area.

Belize will improve Solid Waste Management with IDB Support

Belize will receive a US$11,150,000 loan from the Inter American Development Bank (IDB) to improve solid waste management practices, reduce environmental pollution and enhance the image of Belize in the...

A chance to close the water and sanitation gap

As any marathon runner will tell you, the last mile can be the hardest to complete. Water and sanitation specialists have their own definition of the “last mile.”  For them it means...

Brazil obtains IDB loan for Belém Sanitation Project

The Belém municipality in northern Brazil will obtain US$68.7 million from the Inter-American Development Bank for a sanitation and urban environmental program in Estrada Nova watershed, which is...

IDB approves $150 million for Mexico’s Habitat Program

A $150 million IDB loan was approved for the second phase of Habitat, Mexico's neighboorhood improvement program.

IDB approves $10 million for environmental management in Panama

A $10 million IDB loan for Panama to strengthen the environmental management capacity of environmental agency ANAM and local governments.

IDB releases results of a social and environmental audit and a pipeline integrity analysis of the Camisea Project in Peru

The Inter-American Development Bank released the results of a social and environmental audit of the Camisea project carried out by ICF International and a pipeline integrity analysis of the gas transportation...

Calling for eco-efficiency at the IDB

On the occasion of Earth Day (April 22), the Inter-American Development Bank renews its commitment to the protection of our environment, and makes a special effort, in particular, to address the problem...

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