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Trinidad and Tobago improves environmental conditions with $246.5 million loan from IDB

IDB loan of $246.5 million to finance the first phase of a program to improve environmental conditions in Trinidad and Tobago.

IDB loan to improve municipal solid waste management in Bolivia

A $20 million IDB loan will help Bolivia provide better solid waste management services in several cities.

Sebastião dos Santos, main character of the Oscar-nominated documentary “Waste Land,” to talk at the IDB about his life in Brazil as an informal recycler

IDB: Sebastião dos Santos, informal recycler and main character of the Oscar nominated documentary Waste Land, shares his life experience.

Brazil gets $24.5 million IDB loan for sanitation and water improvements in the municipality of Maués in the Amazon

IDB approved a $24.5 million loan for the municipality of Maués in the Brazilian Amazon for urban, environmental and basic sanitation.

IDB and Japan support solid waste management in Peru

IDB and JICA support the development of a 31 sustainable and efficient system for managing solid waste in Peru.

IDB’s MIF supports biomass project in northern Brazil

Waste mangement project to use acai pits as a raw materials for bioenergy production in Brazil.

IDB approves $280 million for social, environmental and urban improvements in Brazil’s Manaus

IDB approves $280 million loan to finance the third phase of a project improving the social, environmental and urban conditions Brazil.

IDB approves $452 million for sanitation program in Brazil’s Baía de Guanabara

IDB approved $452 million loan for sanitation to improve sewage collection at Baía de Guanabara, Brazil.

A capital challenge in Haiti

The leader of a team of experts working to turn around Port-au-Prince's ailing water services speaks about the challenge ahead.

Trinidad and Tobago to improve water quality with $50 million loan from the IDB

Project will reduce contamination along the Caroni River Basin and provide wastewater treatment for 9,100 households.

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