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The Bahamas to improve airport infrastructure with IDB support

A $35 million loan from the IDB will enhance the connectivity of four airports on the Family Islands.

Jamaica to improve energy efficiency in government facilities, and to promote fuel conservation with better urban traffic management

IDB and Japan to fund a $30 million project to promote energy efficiency, fuel conservation, and urban traffic management in Jamaica.

IDB supports road infrastructure upgrades in Peru

IDB loan of $80 million will improve the Sierra and jungle areas' access to Peru's main export hubs.

Argentina and Chile will begin to develop Agua Negra Tunnel with support from IDB

IDB loan of $40 million will allow Argentina and Chile to structure the project and finance the final designs of the Agua Negra tunnel.

IDB backs program to boost competitiveness in Paraguay's agriculture sector and economic integration

Road upgrades and conservation will benefit small- and medium-size producers and a population of 522,000 people.

Uruguay to improve rural roads network and fiscal management

IDB supports Uruguay’s productive rural roads and departmental governments fiscal management programs with $600 million credit lines.

IDB President, experts to talk to members of media accredited to the Habitat III Conference in Quito, Ecuador

Habitat, the main global conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development, is being held for the first time in Latin America.

The Presidents of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras and the Vice President of the United States to meet at the Inter-American Development Bank on Friday, September 23

Meeting of the Presidents of the Northern Triangle and US Vice President Sept. 23: Media Update.

The IIC funds Eastern Perimeter Highway in Cundinamarca, Colombia

The project will improve connectivity and road safety in the Colombian departments of Meta, Cundinamarca and Boyaca.

ECLAC, CAF and IDB Launch Database on Infrastructure Investments in Latin America and the Caribbean

Database on Infrastructure Investments in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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