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Brazilian municipality of Maracanaú to boost transport infrastructure with IDB backing

IDB $31.7 million loan will allow for improving road infrastructure and construction of a bus lane in Brazil.

IDB backs Argentine plan to boost capacity and safety on Cristo Redentor System Corridor on border with Chile

Argentina will improve the transport infrastructure and a border integration system with Chile.

The IDB approves two loans to Argentina for a total of $220 million

IDB supports program to implement Argentina’s efforts for financial inclusion and to improve Buenos Aires Province road infrastructure.

Argentina’s Buenos Aires Province to boost road network capacity, safety with IDB support

Argentina will improve the Buenos Aires Province road infrastructure with a traffic safety and capacity enhancement program with an IDB loan.

Bolivia to rebuild, improve Mairana-Bermejo road with IDB support

A $64 million IDB loan will improve quality and traffic conditions, accessibility and safety of Mairana-Bermejo road in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

IDB Group and UK approve innovative £177 million financing program for sustainable infrastructure

The IDB Group and the UK government announced the creation of a £177 million sustainable infrastructure fund.

Argentina and Chile get $280 million in IDB loans for first stage of the Agua Negra international tunnel

IDB loan of $280 million will finance the first phase of this ambitious project that will boost the countries’ regional integration.

Brazil’s Parana state will improve logistics capacity with IDB assistance

US$235 million IDB loan to expand state’s transportation infrastructure, boost competitiveness.

Argentina to improve General San Martin metropolitan area railway line with IDB assistance

$400 million loan to improve this suburban rail line between the stations of Retiro and Pilar in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

IDB promotes Mesoamerica’s transportation, logistics and integration agenda

IDB will provide technical cooperation grants of $400,000 each for strategic programs for Infrastructure and Integration Development.

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