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IDB supports Ecuador in rebuilding electricity infrastructure damaged by earthquake

IDB will support Ecuador with a US$60 million loan to rebuild the electrical infrastructure of areas affected by April 2016 earthquake.

IIC finances Argentina's largest wind project

Argentina diversifies its energy matrix with $200 million loan from IIC to YPF Energía Eléctrica for 100 MW wind farm.

JICA and the IDB Formalize a New Agreement for Co-financing in US Currency

The IDB and JICA sign amendment to include USD as currency for JICA loans and launch new project.

Jamaica to improve energy efficiency in government facilities, and to promote fuel conservation with better urban traffic management

IDB and Japan to fund a $30 million project to promote energy efficiency, fuel conservation, and urban traffic management in Jamaica.

Brazil to push private investment in clean energy with $750 million in IDB resources

Brazil will expand long-term credit to finance renewable energy and energy efficiency in the private sector with support from the IDB.

Barbados to improve energy security and diversify the energy mix with a US$34 million IDB loan

IDB loan to help Barbados with cleaner energy future, to reach its current natural gas demands, and to create a regional LNG supply chain.

Chile to implement sustainable energy project with IDB support

Chilean plan will develop energy policy that encourages competition, energy efficiency, use of renewable sources and regional integration.

IDB supports improvements in the management of electricity demand in Colombia’s Caribbean coast

The program will improve management of electricity demand in the Archipelago of San Andres, Providencia and Santa Catalina in Colombia.

The Presidents of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras and the Vice President of the United States to meet at the Inter-American Development Bank on Friday, September 23

Meeting of the Presidents of the Northern Triangle and US Vice President Sept. 23: Media Update.

Uruguay to diversify energy matrix with IIC loans to solar PV plants

Uruguay to diversify energy matrix with $25.2 million loan from IIC to Solaria Energia for two solar energy plants.

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