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Canada and the IDB: Partners for Prosperity

In 2015, Canada and the IDB look back on decades of partnership.

Brazil’s Fisherwomen Mean Business

In Vila Castelo, a small town in the Brazilian state of Pará, fisherwomen are learning the ropes of fiscal management and entrepreneurship.

Women Forge a Future for Apartadó

In the Colombian town of Apartadó, women are shaping a new beginning after years of violence.

Ready for Take-off in Costa Rica

IDB supports restructuring and expansion of Costa Rica’s biggest international airport.

Public-Private Partnership Transforms a Road System and a Region in Peru

IDB supports Peru’s Ancón-Huacho-Pativilca road to improve access between Lima and the northern part of the country.

Energy integration in Central America: Full steam ahead

With IDB support, SIEPAC is fully operational and the energy integration in Central America is now a reality.

A door to employment in the Dominican Republic

The National Employment Service of Dominican Republic (SENAE) offers labor intermediation and training services.

Latin American public banks show strong potential to help address climate change and foster productive development

IDB study highlights strengths of public development banks in Latin America, their challenges, and their potential to finance new areas.

Latin America and the Caribbean could cover all their electricity needs using renewable resources: IDB report

IDB report: Latin America and the Caribbean’s renewable energy endowment is large enough to cover its projected 2050 electricity.

Government Services at Your Fingertips in Chile

Chile upgrades government electronic procurement platform and expands public services offered over the Internet.

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