The Roster of Experts in Facilitation of MICI Processes has been constituted.

Following with the institutionalization process for MICI, on June 18th, 2018 the Roster of Experts in the facilitation of dialogue and dispute resolution processes was formally constituted. The call for expressions of interest started in May and the selection process panel was integrated by the internationally recognized facilitator and mediator Philip Thomas, as an external member, alongside the MICI Director Victoria Márquez and the Coordinator for the Dispute Resolution Phase, Gastón Aín.

Practitioners and experts from 13 countries including Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Guatemala, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Venezuela, United States, Ecuador and Japan will integrate the Roster of Experts who will be called to facilitate dispute resolution processes for those eligible complaints that may have opted for this alternative.

Roster of Experts


Aguilar, Vladimir

Jaramillo, Maria Clara

Aguilera, Sylvia

Lanegra, Ivan

Aramayo, Fernando

Logioco, Bautista

Arce, Rodrigo

Lumerman, Pablo

Arechaga, Patricia

Martin, Cristina

Azevedo, Carcius

Oliveira, Barbara

Bernales, Antonio

Ordway, Jared

Bourse, Ana

Oré, Luis

Cabria, Ana

Ormachea, Ivan

Canessa, Mitzy

Oroxon, Jorge

Caravedo, Javier

Portilla, Julian

Cuentas, Mirna

Rodriguez, Mery

Diez Pinto, Elena

Rojas, César

Dumas, Juan

Salamanca, Manuel

Duplat, Camilo

Spadoni, Eliana

Espinosa, María del Rosario

Tapia, Graciela

Fallas, Luis

Torres, Katherine

Gomes, Bruno

Wildau, Susan

Gonzalez, Nicolas

Yasukawa, Yoriko

Huamani, Giselle


For more information related to the MICI’s Consultation Phase see: Guidelines of the Consultation Phase


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