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Annual Report 2016

2016 was a year of growth in many ways. We welcomed the year with an extended mandate that allows us to now serve the three institutions of the Group: IDB, IIC and MIF. MICI has increased its responsiveness, allowing it to handle more complex cases and offer valuable solutions to the IDB Group. It also contributed to the institution's commitment to sustainable development by generating recommendations that were transformed into institutional learning. Throughout the year, we have sought not only to fulfill our mandate, but to do so in a better way each time by being more systematic, rigorous, and transparent. This report provides an account of the main activities carried out and the results that have been achieved

Annual Report 2015

2015 was the culmination of a three-year transition period for the MICI and the beginning of a new phase of operations, in which a new operational structure and procedures were adopted. These, in turn, introduced more rigorous requirements for the processing of Requests and greater transparency in the accountability work of the Mechanism. MICI also faced a new challenge in 2015, as at the end of the year its institutional mandate and scope were significantly broadened when it became the accountability mechanism for the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC).

2014 Annual Report

One of the most important milestones of 2014 was the approval of the new MICI Policy by the Bank’s Board of Executive Directors on December 17, 2014 after 18 months of intense work, which entered into force immediately after its approval. The new Policy gave the Mechanism an updated operating structure and established a revised process for the receipt and processing of Requests that represents a profound exercise in organizational reengineering.

2013 Annual Report

At the end of 2013, the Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism (ICIM) finished the pilot period established in its Policy, approved by the Board of Executive Directors in February 2010, 40 months after its launch in September of that year.

2012 Annual Report

During 2012, the Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism (ICIM) carried out a range of activities and reached a number of important milestones. The IDB Board of Executive Directors’ strong support for the ICIM was made clear by its acceptance of all the recommendations in the ICIM Panel’s first Compliance Review Report for the Pando-Monte Lirio Hydroelectric Program (PN-MICI001-2010). In terms of Request and Case Management, the workload for the year included receiving 20 new Requests, of which two were registered.

2011 Annual Report

The first full calendar year of ICIM operation was intense and dynamic for the MICI Team. In 2011, its second year of operation, the MICI received 22 Requests, twice as many as in 2010.

2010 Annual Report

The MICI started operations in 2010 as part of Bank's efforts to increase transparency, accountability and effectiveness of operations and projects. Since its creation, it has received 11 applications from citizens of six countries.




The MICI Policy was approved by the Bank’s Board of Executive Directors on December 17, 2014 and supersedes the Policy establishing the Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism (GN-1830-49).

MICI-IDB Invest Policy

As of January 1, 2016, the MICI also receives complaints related to operations financed by the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC) based on this Policy approved on December 15, 2015.

Transition Plan

This document responds to the request of the Board of Executive Directors to prepare a plan to assist the Bank in achieving an efficient transition from the 2010 Policy to the 2014 Policy.

Guidelines for the Consultation Phase

Guidelines for processing any Request in MICI’s Consultation Phase for any of the institutions belonging to the IDB Group.

Booklet for Complainants of MICI-IDB/MIF

Find information and contact information about MICI, as well as useful information on how to file a complaint related to projects funded by the Inter-American Development Bank or the Multilateral Investment Fund.


Booklet for Complainants of MICI-IDB Invest

Find information and contact details about MICI, as well as useful information on how to file a complaint related to projects funded by the Inter-American Development Corporation.




To what extent are IAMs and the DFIs that administer them effective in providing remedy for human rights harm to complainants? This research evaluates the policies and practices of 11 IAMs and corresponding DFIs from the perspective of the users – both those people who have been directly affected by the DFI-financed activities and have filed complaints to the IAMs (complainants), and the civil society organisations that support them.

Brochure about the MICI, by Somo

This brochure provides a brief overview of the work of the IDB Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism (MICI) and its procedure to file a complaint. Civil society organisations, workers, communities and groups of individuals who are harmed by a Bank project can use the MICI to address their grievance. This brochure briefly explains how.

IAMNetwork – Participation Criteria and Principles for Cooperation

The Independent Accountability Mechanisms (IAMs) Network seeks to identify and foster means for collaboration, cooperation and knowledge sharing amongst these institutions.


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