Our mandate


Our mandate

The Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism (MICI) is the independent accountability body of the IDB Group, created by a mandate of the Board of Governors of the IDB and the IDB Invest in order to improve the Bank’s transparency, accountability, and effectiveness.

The objectives of the MICI are to:

  • Provide a mechanism and process, which is independent of Management, to investigate allegations by complainants of harms in IDB Group-financed projects caused by the IDB Group’s failure to comply with its own Relevant Operational Policies;
  • Provide information to the Board of Executive Directors regarding such investigations; and
  • Be a last-resort mechanism for addressing the concerns of complainants, after reasonable attempts to bring allegations of harm to the attention of Management have been made.

Our mandate and process is regulated by the MICI Policy of each institution:

Institution Who do we report to? Which Policy governs our process? Which operational policies are relevant?
IDB Board of Executive Directors of the IDB MICI-IDB Policy

IDB Operational Policies

MIF Donors Committee of the MIF
IDB Invest Board of Executive Directors of the IDB Invest MICI-IDB Invest Policy

IDB Invest Operational Policies

The complainants must decide when they file their claim, whether they are interested in one or both Phases available in the MICI process for eligible complaints:

  • The Consultation Phase, which provides an opportunity for interested Parties to address the issues raised in the complaint in a voluntary, flexible, and collaborative manner. The MICI acts as a mediator, and the ultimate goal is to help the Parties reach a satisfactory agreement.
  • The Compliance Review Phase, which offers an investigative process related to the issues raised in the complaint to establish whether the IDB Group has failed to comply with any of its Relevant Operational Policies and whether this has caused harm to the complainants. The MICI acts as an investigative body and presents a report on its findings to the Board of Executive Directors in order for it to make a decision about the case.

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The MICI can receive complaints related to any operation financed by the IDB, the MIF, and/or IDB Invest, as of the date on which the respective financing is approved and up to 24 months after the final disbursement.

If financing is provided by the IDB or the MIF,

If financing is provided by IDB Invest,

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