MICI takes part in the IV Amazonian Regional Summit in Macapá, Brazil

(Macapá, Brasil June 18th to 22nd, 2018) MICI was invited to participate in the IV Amazonian Regional Summit, organized by COICA (Coordination of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon River Basin). Arantxa Villanueva and Martin Packman represented our institution with the aim of promoting access to the Mechanism.

MICI participated in the Workshop “International Financing, Accountability and the Role of Civil Society” organized with DAR in Lima, Peru.

On Wednesday, June 6, representatives from diverse Civil Society Organizations participated in a workshop on “International Financing, Accountability and the Role of Civil Society” co-organized by DAR and MICI in the city of Lima, Peru.

The Roster of Experts in Facilitation of MICI Processes has been constituted.

Following with the institutionalization process for MICI, on June 18th, 2018 the Roster of Experts in the facilitation of dialogue and dispute resolution processes was formally constituted. The call for expressions of interest started in May and the selection process panel was integrated by the internationally recognized facilitator and mediator Philip Thomas, as an external member, alongside the MICI Director Victoria Márquez and the Coordinator for the Dispute Resolution Phase, Gastón Aín.

Following a competitive process, the Mexican national Esteban Tovar, has been selected for the position of Registration Specialist at MICI.

The MICI strengthens its staff structure with the creation of the Registration Specialist position which will be occupied by Esteban Tovar. Mr. Tovar´s main responsibilities will be to act as point of initial contact with requesters and support the Director in the registration and eligibility analysis of requests received. In addition, he will be responsible for coordinating the administrative activities of the office.

MICI held a working meeting in the city of Lima

As a part of her mandate for outreach and liaising with strategic players, MICI’s director Victoria Márquez-Mees alongside Gastón Aín and Martin Packmann from the Mechanism’s dispute resolution team, held a working meeting in the city of Lima with a reduced number of renown personalities recognized by their trajectories in the analysis and management of socio-environmental conflicts as well as issues pertaining access to information and public participation in environmental and social issues.

MICI participated in the 2018 edition of the Annual Conference of the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA 2018)

MICI Director, Victoria Márquez-Mees, participated in IAIA annual conference from May 16-19 in Durban, South Africa.

GCE holds its first meeting of 2018.

On May 10, 2018, the first of the two annual meetings held by the MICI with its External Consultative Group (GCE for its Spanish acronym) took place. With the participation of the eight members, the meeting had the objective of presenting the progress made to date in the areas of access, transparency, efficiency and learning; and to receive feedback from the GCE. The second session of 2018 to be held in the IDB headquarters in Washington, D.C. is scheduled for the third week of November.

"Call for Applications for the Roster of Experts in Facilitation" now open

With the objective of establishing a permanent capacity, MICI opens the Call for Application to the Roster of Experts in Facilitation of dialogue processes and alternative dispute resolution methods.

MICI Standardizes its Dispute Resolution Processes

On April 4, MICI issued and distributed to the Board of Executive Directors the Guidelines for the Consultation Phase.

MICI Promotes Access Through Collaborations with the Civil Society in Brasil

MICI, participated in a workshop organized by the Human Rights Management Committee of the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP) and the International Accountability Project (IAP).

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