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Reaching out to Civil Society

Public dialogue: In 2009, the IDB conducted a broad and systematic public consultation related to a capital increase review. In addition, in the same year, the Bank conducted public consultations related to its new Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism, new operational policy on gender and the Camisea gas pipeline project in Peru.

In 2009, the Bank created a formal council with civil society in each of its 26 borrowing member countries to receive inputs on country strategies, policies and projects.

New Mechanism to Voice Concerns: The IDB approved a new Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism in 2010 that provides a system to ensure compliance with the Bank’s operational policies during the design and implementation of projects financed by the institution.

The new mechanism, which became effective in September 2010, gives communities a bigger say on projects financed by the Bank. This helps the IDB become a more effective development institution. The new mechanism has filing procedures that have been simplified and, is staffed by a new Executive Secretary and Project Ombudsperson reporting directly to the Board of Directors. Claims can now be filed by a single person, electronically or even orally, and in any language.

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