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IDB Reforms at a Glance

Before After Results

Project evaluation based on subjective assessments.

Ensures that Bank programs address country development challenges to achieve results.

Implementing a new development effectiveness framework that promotes the use of quantitative information to monitor project performance and enable the assessment of its impact on development.

Increases effectiveness of Bank’s actions.

Greater Accountability

Creates a system to track lessons learned so best practices are disseminated.

Projects lacked information to allow consistent and systematic evaluation and monitoring of performance.

Performance is tracked by monitoring outputs, costs, time of implementation and initial impact on development.

Majority of sector experts located in headquarters.

Sector staff allocated to Country Offices increased by 28% from 2007 to 2009.

14 months needed to prepare and submit a proposal on a project for Board approval.

Reduced the time to prepare and approve a project by half, to 7 months.

Technical staff organized by geographical areas.

Technical staff organized by area of expertise.


IDB Reforms at a Glance (PDF)

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