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IADB Projects Eligible for EYE Bond Financing (disbursement during October 1, 2014 – March 31, 2017)

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Name of Project Country Project ID EYE Bond Allocation (USD)
Second Basic Education Improvement Program (2nd BEIP) Phase II Suriname SU-L1038 998,705
Expansion and improvement program of early
childhood education and elementary education
Brazil BR-L1329 14,913,271
Productive Communitarian Secondary Education Bolivia BO-L1071 8,800,000
Quality and Equity of Education - PROMEDU IV Argentina AR-L1180 40,000,000
Escuela Viva Program II Paraguay PR-L1017 5,442,076
Youth Development Program - Phase I Jamaica JA-L1005 702,967
Supplemental to the Primary Education Support Project (PESP) Jamaica JA-L1021 1,219,549
Community Education Program-Phase II: Social Equity Builders Mexico ME-L1033 6,507,398
National Infrastructure Program for the Universalization Education with Quality Ecuador EC-L1075 43,000,000
Program to Support the Policy on Improving Equity in Education - PROMEDU II Argentina AR-L1108 15,228,866
Educational Facilities and Learning Quality Panama PN-L1064 5,615,591
Secondary and Technical Education and Teachers Training Support Program Uruguay UR-L1050 13,751,285
Dignified Schools Program (PED) Mexico ME-L1086 166,903,656
Program to Improve Early Education in Ayacucho, Huancavelica and Huánuco Peru PE-L1062 18,134,346
Support Program to Quality Education Plan for Prosperity Colombia CO-L1093 21,289,539
Innovation in School Infrastructure Panama PN-L1072 47,775,221
Skills for the Future Barbados BA-L1016 9,255,126
Second Basic Education Improvement Program (2nd BEIP) Suriname SU-L1019 4,191,494
Building and Equipping of Education Infrastructure Costa Rica CR-L1053 15,000,000
Second Individual Loan to Support the 10-year Education Plan Dominican Republic DR-L1056 47,385,887
Program to Improve the Quality and Expand Coverage of Basic Education Brazil BR-L1327 37,320,451
Program to Support the Policy on Improving Equity in Education - PROMEDU III Argentina AR-L1152 180,000,000
Program for Accelerating Progress of Education in Amazonas Brazil BR-L1328 30,061,540
Education Quality Improvement Belize BL-L1018 5,019,508
Support for Primary and Secondary Math and English Education Program Uruguay UR-L1093 5,486,592
Early Childhood Education Expansion and Improvement Program Chile CH-L1082 61,366,147
Total   26 $805,369,215


Name of Project Country Project ID EYE Bond Allocation (USD)
Program to Support the National Integrated Care System Uruguay UR-L1110 1,746,231
Social Investment Program in Buenos Aires Province Argentina AR-L1007 31,937,211
Support to the Action Social Center of Music Prog. Phase II Venezuela VE-L1017 18,844,537
Program of Integrated Public Policies for Fortaleza Youth Brazil BR-L1122 3,996,115
Strengthening of Policies on Childhood, Adolescence and Family/a> Argentina AR-L1118 5,937,200
Grow Well to Live Well Early Childhood Development Program Bolivia BO-L1064 11,440,000
Program to Accompany the Implementation of the National Policy Nicaragua NI-L1059 5,129,791
Support to Early Childhood Development Paraguay PR-L1051 1,665,091
Total   8 $80,696,176


Name of Project Country Project ID EYE Bond Allocation (USD)
Program to Support Employment Bolivia BO-L1051 7,952,000
Program to Support Job Placement Paraguay PR-L1066 1,027,175
Multiphase Training and Employment Support Program (PACE) Phase III Mexico ME-L1114 115,840,260
Program to Support SENCE's Effectiveness Chile CH-L1064 4,600,692
Human Resources Training Program (Proforhcom) Mexico ME-L1142 33,002,721
Total   5 $162,422,847

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