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About IDB EYE (Education, Youth, Employment) Bonds

Solving the challenges of poverty and inequality in Latin America and the Caribbean requires a multi-faceted, carefully planned approach that coordinates investments in human capital – people – over the course of a lifetime. The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), a pioneer in the realm of social bonds, has been working for decades to improve lives in Latin America and the Caribbean to fund programs in three prioritized areas: Education, Youth, and Employment (EYE).The IDB has focused on a “life cycle” approach to build human capital from early childhood care and education, through formal primary and secondary education, as well as programs that facilitate labor market placement by improving the transition from school to work through vocational training. The EYE Bond promotes the following:

Education: IDB promotes effective teaching and learning among children and youth in Latin America and the Caribbean by supporting high standards, investing in early childhood development and school readiness, enhancing teacher training, ensuring adequate resources for learning, improving school infrastructure, and providing graduates with the skills needed for work and life.

Youth: IDB interventions are designed to promote the accumulation of human capital from early childhood care to youth programs, through the acquisition of practical life skills to reduce the likelihood of young people to engage in high risk behavior that may translate into economic and social costs for the individual, as well as society as a whole.

Employment: These projects assist the design, implementation and evaluation of policies to improve job opportunities and develop workforce skills. IDB-supported projects also increase the coverage and sustainability of social security, while improving efficiency and productivity.

EYE bonds carry the triple-A credit rating of the IDB, not the risk of the underlying projects. EYE Bonds provide investors with not only with a financial return commensurate to a triple-A credit but a social return-developing human capital in Latin America and the Caribbean – as well.

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