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Providing flexible financial solutions, services and strategies for IDB stakeholders through cost effective funding

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About Us

In IDB's more than 50 year history, the Finance Department (IDB Finance) has been recognized as a global borrower and investor, observing prudent risk management practices and demonstrating an unparallel ability to respond to borrowers' financial needs. This places the IDB at the forefront of development financing for its borrowers, by delivering innovative flexible financial solutions services and strategies through cost effective funding.


IDB Finance ensures the IDB remains a low-cost intermediary between the international capital markets and our borrowing countries. We offer a wide range of reliable investment options through the issuance of bonds in international capital markets in all currencies and structures, which has enabled us to achieve a leadership role in bond issuance denominated in the region's currencies. Furthermore, IDB Finance is an active user of hedging products to align our risk exposures with borrowers' needs.

Financing Solutions

IDB Finance is committed to providing flexible, market based solutions to tailor borrowers' financing requirements in their development programs and debt management strategies with the IDB. We work closely with our borrowers to customize options and features in our loans to enable better management of project cash flows and lending programs. We also provide a menu of embedded and stand alone hedging options to manage financial exposures in IDB debt and meet borrowers' asset-liability management strategies.

Capital and Funds Under Administration

IDB Finance manages the capital provided by its forty-eight member countries and leverages this solid capital base to raise funds in the international capital markets. Our prudent financial policies ensure the continued access to resources to serve our development goals. With our years of experience in fund management, we are also entrusted to administer, on behalf of sovereign and non-sovereign donors, more than 50 Trust Funds that enhance the financing offerings to IDB borrowing member countries.

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