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Subscribed Capital Stock and Contributions

Capital stock

Capital stock consists of “paid-in” and “callable” shares. After the approval of the Ninth General Capital Increase (GCI-9) in July 2010, the total authorized Capital Stock of the IDB will amount to US$170.9 billion comprised of US$ 6.0 billion of paid-in capital and US$164.9 billion of callable capital.

Voting power

Voting power is assigned based on the subscribed Capital Stock. Under the Agreement Establishing the Inter-American Development Bank, each member country shall have 135 votes plus one vote for each share held by that country.

Capital Structure

There are 48 member countries of which 26 are regional borrowing members from Latin America and the Caribbean, 2 are regional non-borrowing members (Canada and the United States) and 20 are non-regional non-borrowing member countries from Asia and Europe. Voting power among member countries of the IDB is as follows: Latin American and the Caribbean have 50.015 percent, United States 30.006 percent, Canada 4.001 percent and the non-regional members 15.979 percent.

Contributions to the FSO

Contributions to the FSO are made in the form of non-negotiable, non-interest bearing demand obligations in lieu of the immediate payment of all or any part of a member’s contributions quotas. The payment of contributions quotas is conditional on the members’ budgetary and, in some cases, legislative processes.

Voting power

For decisions regarding FSO operations, the numbers of votes and percent of voting power for each member country are the same as those applicable for decisions involving the Ordinary Capital.

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