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Solid capital base and expertise in trust fund management

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Capital and Funds Under Administration

The Bank finances its operations by issuing bonds in international capital markets. Since 1962, the Bank has held the highest possible credit rating, triple-A. Its financial strength is based on its solid capital base, its conservative investment and lending policies as well as its financial performance and the backing from its member countries.

Forty eight countries from the Americas, Europe and Asia contribute to the IDB Ordinary Capital (OC) and Fund for Special Operations (FSO). The IDB also administers, on behalf of sovereign and non-sovereign donors, more than 50 Trust Funds that enhance the financing offerings to borrowing member countries.

In July 2010, the Board of Governors agreed to the Ninth General Capital Increase (GCI-9), the largest capital increase in the IDB’s history. The GCI-9 will provide $70 billion in additional capital subscriptions to the OC and US$479 million in new contributions to the FSO. The GCI-9 implementation started in 2011 and will end in 2016 as legislative branches in member countries appropriate the necessary funds.

The subscribed capital to the IDB after the GCI-9 will amount to US$ 170.9 billion, and contributions to the FSO to US$ 10.2 billion.

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