How do I get a job at the IDB?

If you are interested in employment at the IDB, you should read the Bank’s careers webpage:,1165.html. There you will find job openings, information concerning internships and the Young Professionals Program, and application procedures. In addition, you will be able to create and regularly update a personal profile and upload relevant information (CV, cover letter, among others).

If I do not work for the government of a borrowing member country, how can I apply for a loan or a grant?

While the majority of the Bank´s loans are made to sovereign governments in the region, an important and growing part of the Bank´s lending activity is for projects proposed directly by private-sector entities. Companies should explore the Resources for Businesses page:,6300.html. The department within the Bank that a non-profit or business should contact will depend largely on the size of the organization (large businesses, medium-sized companies, small non-profits, etc.). Civil society organizations may seek financing from the IDB, either through the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF, see the « Financing FAQ ») or through trust funds endowed by governments and other third parties and administered by the Bank (see ), or by consulting the Calls for Proposals listings on the Bank´s homepage. A broad description of the Bank’s grant and technical assistance products and programs is available at,6039.html. Civil society organizations should read all information posted on the website,6160.html before contacting our civil society team at

How can I identify procurement opportunities or offer my services to the Bank?

Individuals or firms interested in contracting opportunities for the supply of goods, works or services to IDB-financed projects (“project” procurement) or directly to the IDB (“corporate” procurement) should check the Bank’s Resources for Businesses page (,6300.html ) and proceed to the section labeled “Procurement”.

Does the IDB offer scholarships?

The IDB does not offer scholarships. Please check the scholarship program of the Organization of American States (OAS). The Bank´s internships Research Fellows Program are described at,1360.html and,1359.html, respectively.

Does the IDB offer online and other courses?

Through the Inter-American Institute for Economic and Social Development (INDES), the IDB offers on site courses as well as online and self-taught programs. Lists of courses, schedules and other relevant information can be found at,2482.html.

What is the best way to find out about IDB activities in a specific country?

Those interested in finding out more about IDB activities in a specific country should visit our Countries pages,1000.html.

Where can I find information for a research or academic project I am preparing?

Use the appropriate key words to conduct search engine on the Bank´s website and visit the Research and Data (,1612.html ) and Knowledge (,4885.html ) sections of the website to consult working papers, books and statistical databases that may be of interest.

Access to Information

As a part of the reforms of the Ninth General Increase (GCI-9), and included in the Agenda for a Better Bank, was the creation of a new Access to Information Policy as an instrument designed to raise the Bank’s standards of transparency to the highest level of international practices.

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