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Types of Jobs

We recruit our professional staff both internationally and nationally from among our member countries. Typically, our staff will be initially offered a fixed term contract of up to 3 years that shall be converted into an open ended contract upon a screening process conducted by an inter-departmental committee.

The IDB also hires professionals on a fee basis for specific tasks and projects.

- Temporary Term Contractual (TTC). Contracts of up to 18 months duration offered to contractual employees of international affinity to perform tasks needed for a temporary nature. Renewals will be possible with a 3-month break-in-service between contracts.

- Defined Term Contractual (DTC). Contracts with a lifetime maximum term of 4 years offered to contractual employees of international affinity to perform tasks needed for a limited duration.

- Products and External Services Consultant (PEC). Contracts without time limitation offered to consultants to meet the specific needs of operations, for the delivery of specific products and/or services, which are provided in an independent, autonomous manner (i.e., off-site).

- Trust Fund Appointments provide expert advice, conduct studies and coordinate programs and related activities pursuant to trust funds administered by the IDB. Trust fund appointees are usually selected by the participating member states.

- Local Contractual Contracts may be offered to perform temporary tasks in a specific country.

These opportunities can be found here.

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