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A healthy work/life balance

Helping our employees achieve a work-life balance is important to the IDB.  The following is a summary of some of the programs we've implemented to help them.

Working arrangements

  • Flexible work schedule:  Employee are permitted to select a daily starting time other than the start of the regular working hours, with a corresponding stopping time after eight hours, plus the time authorized for lunch.
  • Compressed work schedule:  Employee works 80 hours biweekly in 9 workdays rather than the regular 10 workdays, resulting in one scheduled non-working day in every 10 working days.
  • Home-based work:  Allows an employee to carry out occasionally a specific short-term or a regular task or at home or an alternate location while observing regular working hours.
  • Part-time work:  Allows employees to have a working schedule that involves less than the regular working hours per week for an extended period of time


On top of the “regular” leaves (24 days annual leave, 8 days personal leave) or sickness leave, we offer:

  • Maternal:  12 weeks with pay available to a female employee with respect to the birth of her child.
  • Paternal:  5 days with pay available to a male employee upon the birth of his child
  • Adoption:  10 weeks with pay available to an employee when he or she legally adopts a child and assumes custody of the child.

Other service facilities

  • Health Unit: a Health unit with occupational and non occupational service, first aid and emergency
  • Fitness Center:  a sponsored fitness center, with subsidized rates, with fitness equipment and classes.
  • Child Care:  onsite regular child care services and offsite emergency child care services.
  • Lactation room: facility onsite to accommodate working new mothers.

Social gatherings

  • Annual Picnic and Christmas Party: Two sponsored social gatherings per year, an offsite annual picnic with food and sporting activities, and an onsite Christmas party with food and entertainment

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