We strive to ensure our activities are free of fraud and corruption, and subject to the strictest control mechanisms.


Our Sanctions System is made up of the Office of Institutional Integrity (OII), the Case Officer, and the Sanctions Committee. OII investigates allegations of wrongdoing and conducts prevention activities, while the Case Officer and the Sanctions Committee review the OII’s investigative findings and have the authority to sanction parties for wrong doing. The list of sanctioned parties is published on the IDB’s website.

Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism (MICI)

The Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism (MICI) is a last resort alternative open to group of individuals or communities who may be adversely impacted by IDB financed operations due to the Bank’s potential non-compliance with its own operational policies. The MICI process includes two phases: a Consultation Phase that provides parties with the opportunity to address requesters’ concerns in a voluntary, flexible and collaborative manner; and a Compliance Review Phase that enables requesters to ask for an investigation of a Bank-financed operation with the objective of establishing whether the Bank has failed to comply with any of its Relevant Operational Policies and whether that has caused harm to requesters.


Our commitment to integrity and transparency begins with its own staff. IDB employees adhere to strict ethical standards laid out in the 2012 Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. The Board of Executive Directors is subject to its own Code. The Bank's Ethics Officer investigates ethical violations by Bank staff and ensures compliance with financial disclosure requirements. The Bank has strong mechanisms to protect whistleblowers.


To help resolve employee-related conflicts, the IDB has an Ombudsperson, a Mediation Secretary, and a Human Resources Department, which are all part of its internal conflict resolution system. The final instance to settle disputes over employee relations with the Bank or the Corporation is the IDB Administrative Tribunal.

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