Private Sector Projects

Structured and Corporate Finance Department financing

The Bank makes available up to 20 percent of the total of its non-emergency loans and guarantees to private businesses without requiring a government guarantee. These funds are designated for infrastructure or capital markets projects or export financing operations that meet the IDB Structured and Corporate Finance Department’s eligibility requirements.

A private sector entity that wishes to submit an infrastructure project, specifically in the energy, water and sanitation, transportation, communications or capital markets sectors, for consideration for financing, should contact the Structured and Corporate Finance Department prior to preparing or submitting a proposal.

Private sector projects can also be presented to two other IDB Group institutions: the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) or the Inter-American Investment Corporation.

Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) financing

The Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) finances small projects that promote innovative development of the private sector and strengthen micro and small businesses.

To request funding from the MIF, the applicant should review the MIF’s application process and present a proposal to the representative at the IDB Country Office in the country in which the project will be implemented. After the Country Office has analyzed the proposal, the Representative submits it to the appropriate Country Department at IDB Headquarters for consideration.

The Bank also offers direct funding to subnational projects with no sovereign guarantee.

Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC) projects

Companies that seek medium or long-term financing to expand their operations should review the IIC’s application procedures and send a brief description of the company and a detailed business plan to the representative in the appropriate IIC Regional Office or to the IIC’s Corporate Finance Division Chief in Washington, DC. The IIC also provides on its website online and printable versions of its corporate loan application .

Financial institutions that are seeking funds to on-lend to small and medium-size enterprises in the region, or are seeking to establish an agency line, should send their latest audited financial statements and a brief proposal for the use of funds to the IIC’s Financial Services Division Chief in Washington D.C.

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