Lending and Grants

The IDB Group, composed of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC) and the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) offers flexible financing solutions to its member countries to finance economic and social development through lending and grants to public and private entities in Latin America and the Caribbean.  The IDB is the leading source of sovereign and non-sovereign guaranteed financing for social and economic development in the region.  The IIC focuses exclusively on the establishment, expansion, and modernization of SMEs (small and medium-sized private enterprises).  The MIF works with the private sector to develop, finance, and execute innovative business models that benefit entrepreneurs and poor and low-income households

The IDB Group's financial products include loans, grants, guarantees and equity investments (the latter available from the IIC and MIF). The Bank also provides financing for national and regional technical cooperation programs in areas ranging from institutional strengthening to transfer of knowledge.

The Bank's lending and its grants to member countries are funded from four sources: member countries' subscriptions and contributions, borrowings from capital markets, equity accumulated since the Bank's inception, and co-financing ventures. These resources are available to borrowers via the Bank's Ordinary Capital (OC), the Fund for Special Operations (FSO), the IDB Grant Facility (GRF), the Intermediary Financing Facility (IFF) and various trust funds, established by individual countries or groups of countries.

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