Yeshy Edwin

General Manager of the Budget and Administrative Services Department

Yeshy Edwin

Yeshy Edwin, a U.S. citizen, was appointed General Manager of the Budget and Administrative Services Department in July 2011, following an extensive career in the Bank.

In 2007, he was nominated Chief, Budget Division, responsible for the management of the Bank’s administrative and capital budgets, developing budget strategy, policies and practices, and the Bank’s Results Based Budgeting Framework. As Division Chief, he built a high performance and diverse team of professionals. Prior to that, since 2004, he served as Section Chief, also in the Budget Division.

He joined the Bank in 1994 in the Strategic Planning Department, where he previously worked as a consultant. He first served as an Infrastructure Specialist, and later, as a Sr. Policy and Programming Specialist, delivering numerous strategic planning and performance reports to the Board, and participating in the identification, preparation, and appraisal of information technology components of Bank lending operations.

Before joining the Bank, he worked for the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland as a consultant, developing simulation models for spacecraft launch resource planning, and as a part-time Master’s degree instructor at the George Washington University teaching Engineering Economic Analysis. He also worked at Engineers India Ltd, as a process control design engineer.

Mr. Edwin holds a Masters in Engineering Management from the George Washington University where he also completed coursework for a doctorate in the School of Engineering, with studies in Finance. He also holds two Bachelor Degrees from India, one in Process Control Engineering and the other in Physics.

July 2011

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