The Vice Presidency for Sectors and Knowledge (VPS) is responsible for developing knowledge to support member countries in the design and execution of their development projects and programs, promoting integration and trade, supporting program and project executions, and expanding the Bank’s knowledge.

VPS supports dialogue with the countries and the preparation of each country strategy, and also designs and executes the Bank’s financial and non-financial products in the countries in sovereign guaranteed operations, regional programs, and programs to support regional integration. It also develops a demand-driven learning program for staff skills in support of business needs.

VPS is divided in the Department of Research and five sectors: the Infrastructure and Environment Sector, the Social Sector, the Institutions for Development Sector, the Integration and Trade Sector, and the Knowledge and Learning Sector.

Santiago Levy Algazi

Vice President for Sectors and Knowledge


Department of Research

Infrastructure and Environment Sector

Social Sector

Institutions for Development Sector

Integration and Trade Sector

Knowledge and Learning Sector


Name Office in
Adam Fresno, Alvaro Washington D.C., USA
Aime, Milagros Washington D.C., USA
An, Kyungjo Washington D.C., USA
Arita Santos, Gracia Washington D.C., USA
Arriaran, Tatiana Washington D.C., USA
Barandiaran Salcedo, Doris Melissa Washington D.C., USA
Besserer Rayas, Ivan Washington D.C., USA
Bjorkman, Hanna Washington D.C., USA
Blyde, Juan Washington D.C., USA
Boulet, Emmanuel Washington D.C., USA
Brackmann, Stefanie Washington D.C., USA
Brusatin Cadavid, Nicola Washington D.C., USA
Camargo, Marcelo Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Came Saldivar, Oscar Washington D.C., USA
Campelo Bornholdt, Luciano Washington D.C., USA
Carrillo Estevez, Marcelo Washington D.C., USA
Castro Delgadillo, Monica La Paz, Bolivia
Castro-Munoz, Maria México D.F., Mexico
Chang, Elsa Washington D.C., USA
Chinarro Vera, Lara Washington D.C., USA

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