The Vice Presidency for Finance and Administration (VPF) is responsible for mobilizing and managing the Bank’s resources and the provision of support services, ensuring effective, efficient performance by staff in the budget, corporate procurement, administrative services, finance, legal, human resources and information technology areas of the IDB.

VPF also advises senior management and the Board of Executive Directors on policies and processes in the areas of finance and administration to ensure compliance, leads efforts to provide customer-oriented support services and increase cost-efficiency and effectiveness, and oversees the budget process to provide an operating budget that reflects the Bank's strategic plan.

VPF is divided in five departments: the Finance Department, the Human Resources Department, the Information Technology Department, the Budget and Administrative Services Department, and the Legal Department.

Jaime Sujoy

Vice President for Finance and Administration


Finance Department

Human Resources Department

Information Technology Department

Budget and Administrative Services Department

Legal Department


Name Office in
Afcha, Gonzalo Washington D.C., USA
Alfaro Fernandez, Pamela San José, Costa Rica
Ares, Nestor Washington D.C., USA
Baena, Maria Washington D.C., USA
Baltar de Castro, Patricia Washington D.C., USA
Bock-Valotta, Claudia Washington D.C., USA
Burbano de Lara, Rebeca Washington D.C., USA
Caldini, Damian Washington D.C., USA
Campomar, Maria Washington D.C., USA
Castro, Maria Washington D.C., USA
Chavez Padilla, Carlos Washington D.C., USA
Chinchilla Peraza, July San José, Costa Rica
Connors, Ellen Washington D.C., USA
Duran Munoz, Jurgen San José, Costa Rica
Ewers, Robert Washington D.C., USA
Farrar, Elizabeth Washington D.C., USA
Garzon Suarez, Maria Paula Washington D.C., USA
German Tellechea, Gerardo Washington D.C., USA
Hincapie Salazar, Sindy Washington D.C., USA
Hoosein, Sahamadeen Washington D.C., USA

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