The Vice Presidency for Countries (VPC) is responsible for leading the dialogue and relationship of the Bank with borrowing countries; formulating the Bank’s country and regional strategies; coordinating and supervising the development of the operational program for the public sector and providing support to the development of the non-sovereign guaranteed program; coordinating the work program and the resources of the country departments and establishing annual performance goals for each of them for maximum development impact; and, coordinating the necessary resource allocation for the development of country and regional programs.

VPC is divided in the Operations Financial Management and Procurement Services Office and four country departments: the Country Department Southern Cone (CSC), the Country Department Central America, Mexico, Panama and Dominican Republic (CID), the Country Department Andean Group (CAN), and the Country Department Caribbean (CCB).

Alexandre Meira da Rosa

Vice President for Countries


Operations Financial Management and Procurement Services Office

Country Department Southern Cone (CSC)

Country Department Central America, Mexico, Panama and Dominican Republic (CID)

Country Department Andean Group (CAN)

Country Department Caribbean (CCB)

Country Department Haiti (CDH)


Name Office in
Afiuni Mora, Geraldine Washington D.C., USA
Alamo, Romina Buenos Aires, Argentina
Aleman, Marco Washington D.C., USA
Alvarez Junco, Brenda Washington D.C., USA
Andara Chacon, Freddy Lima, Peru
Aponte Vergara, Pedro Elias Washington D.C., USA
Arango Mesa, Maria Washington D.C., USA
Arguello, Marlene Washington D.C., USA
Astesiano, Gaston Washington D.C., USA
Baruzze Lopez, Miguel San José, Costa Rica
Bendix, Willy La Paz, Bolivia
Benedettelli, Veronica Washington D.C., USA
Betances Solis, Heidy Washington D.C., USA
Bhagirath, Vikash Paramaribo, Suriname
Cabrera Cantu, Daniel Washington D.C., USA
Cambiasso, Ezequiel Panamá, Panama
Cardenas Garcia, Claudia Bogotá, Colombia
Carpizo Riva Palacio, Carlos Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Carter, Corey Christ Church, Barbados
Carter, Selina Washington D.C., USA

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