The Social Sector (SCL) conceptualizes, prepares, supports the execution and supervises the IDB’s operations related to gender and diversity, education, social protection and health, and labor markets.

Its functions include preparing the Bank sector policies, strategies, operational guidelines and programs in social development; conducting relevant research and analytical work, best practices and case studies on this area; and providing specialized technical support in borrowing member countries. SCL is divided in three Divisions and one Unit, namely: Education, Social Protection and Health, and Gender and Diversity, and Labor Markets Unit.

SCL works with the country departments to design and execute country and regional financial and non-financial programs and projects and evaluates the development results of such interventions. It also performs quality enhancement functions for social development projects and programs, to include guiding, designing and preparing Bank products’ execution, and analysis and mitigation of risks.

Marcelo Cabrol

Manager, Social Sector


Education Division

Social Protection and Health Division

Gender and Diversity Division

Labor Markets Unit


Name Office in
Aguerrevere Yanes, Gabriela Washington D.C., USA
Aguilar Rivera, Ana México D.F., Mexico
Alaimo, Veronica Santiago, Chile
Albertos, Carmen Washington D.C., USA
Alcaino Izquierdo, Manuel Santiago, Chile
Aleman, Xiomara Caracas, Venezuela
Altamirano Montoya, Alvaro Washington D.C., USA
Alvarez Diaz, Esteban México D.F., Mexico
Alvarez Marinelli, Horacio Panamá, Panama
Amaral, Nicole Washington D.C., USA
Araujo, Maria Caridad Washington D.C., USA
Arboleda Urrego, Oscar Jairo Washington D.C., USA
Arias Ortiz, Elena Washington D.C., USA
Arregui Alcazar, Mikel Washington D.C., USA
Arzaba Diaz, Andrea Washington D.C., USA
Asakura, Maya Washington D.C., USA
Ashton, Maria Washington D.C., USA
Astorga, Ignacio Guatemala, Guatemala
Azuara Herrera, Oliver Washington D.C., USA
Bagolle, Alexandre Washington D.C., USA


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