The Information Technology Department (ITE) is the focal point for the application of information technology and telecommunications, by developing and supporting IT architecture, corporate information systems and infrastructure at headquarters and country offices. ITE is divided in the IT Architecture Division and the IT Infrastructure Division.

ITE formulates the Bank’s information and technology strategy, oversees its implementation and provides related tools, solutions and services. It also focuses on improved service delivery, effective information and technology governance and related standards, and performance management.

Nuria Simo Vila

Chief Information Officer and General Manager, Department of Information Technology


IT Architecture Division

IT Infrastructure Division


Name Office in
Abarca Hernandez, Jackeline San José, Costa Rica
Abeyta Torres, Ernesto México D.F., Mexico
Abhimany, Thite Washington D.C., USA
Adabo Folego, Guilherme Washington D.C., USA
Affonso Fernandez, Alvaro Washington D.C., USA
Affonso Laguna, Theo Washington D.C., USA
Aguayo Aguayo, Eduardo Santiago, Chile
Aguilar Mejia, Luis Enrique Washington D.C., USA
Aguilar, German Guatemala, Guatemala
Ahmed, Talha Washington D.C., USA
Alcala Parra, Jesus México D.F., Mexico
Alfredo Torres, Camilo Washington D.C., USA
Alicandro, Gianfranco Washington D.C., USA
Alise, Dominique Washington D.C., USA
Allende Lopez, Marcos Washington D.C., USA
Alma Dennis, Avila Washington D.C., USA
Alonso Jurado, Maria México D.F., Mexico
Alonso Zuniga, Alma Washington D.C., USA
Alvarado Lozano, Omar Washington D.C., USA
Alvarado Varela, Samuel Washington D.C., USA



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