Institutions for Development Sector (IFD) conceptualizes, prepares, supports the execution and supervises the IDB’s sector operations, including governance, public sector strengthening and reform, decentralization, fiscal and economic issues as well as the development of capital markets and financial institutions, and competitiveness at the national, regional and local level.

Its functions include preparing the Bank’s sector policies, strategies, operational guidelines and programs in institutional capacity and finance; conducting relevant research and analytical work, best practices and case studies on this area; and providing specialized technical support in borrowing member countries. IFD is divided in the Fiscal and Municipal Management Division, Institutional Capacity of the State Division, the Connectivity, Markets and Finance Division, and the Competitiveness and Innovation Division.

IFD works with the country departments to design and execute country and regional financial and non-financial programs and projects and evaluates the development results of such interventions. It also performs quality enhancement functions for institutional capacity and finance projects and programs, to include guiding, designing and preparing Bank products’ execution, and analysis and mitigation of risks.

Ana María Rodríguez-Ortiz

Manager, Institutions for Development


Fiscal and Municipal Management Division

Institutional Capacity of the State Division

Capital Markets and Financial Institutions Division

Competitiveness and Innovation Division


Name Office in
Abizanda Miro, Beatriz Montevideo, Uruguay
Abogado Nochebuena, Maria Washington D.C., USA
Acosta, Geovana Washington D.C., USA
Acuna Castillo, Nathyeli Washington D.C., USA
Alarcon Lopez, Luis Washington D.C., USA
Alejos Marroquin, Luis Washington D.C., USA
Alvarado, Nathalie Washington D.C., USA
Alvarez Bollea, Maria Washington D.C., USA
Amador Oses, Tatiana Washington D.C., USA
Amaro Andrade, Flor Washington D.C., USA
Andrade, Sylvia Washington D.C., USA
Anganu, Jaiwattie Kingston, Jamaica
Angelelli, Pablo Montevideo, Uruguay
Anta, Rafael Washington D.C., USA
Arce, Nelly Washington D.C., USA
Ardanaz, Martin San José, Costa Rica
Arevalo, Gregorio Washington D.C., USA
Arisi, Diego Bogotá, Colombia
Armendariz, Edna Washington D.C., USA
Arrivillaga Sanchez de Arango, Yulissa Washington D.C., USA

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