The Country Department Andean Group (CAN) is responsible for the promotion and development of Bank country strategies and programming in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.

The department supports the process, negotiation, and administration of regional and country-specific projects and programs; leading and maintaining the relations of the IDB with member countries; supporting the implementation of country-specific operations; promoting and coordinating the use of the funds administered by the Bank or under parallel financing agreements, and monitoring the operation-related procurement activities of Bank borrowers and beneficiaries.

The management team is composed of the manager, the regional economic advisor and the country representatives. CAN is divided in five country offices in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela.

Rafael de la Cruz

Manager of the Andean Country Group


Five Country Offices

  • Bolivia
  • Colombia
  • Ecuador
  • Peru
  • Venezuela


Name Office in
Abuelafia, Emmanuel Washington D.C., USA
Adaime Vanegas, Aida Bogotá, Colombia
Alba Perilla, Jose Bogotá, Colombia
Alvarez Perez, Andreina Caracas, Venezuela
Andrian, Leandro Bogotá, Colombia
Angulo Sandoval, Liliana Bogotá, Colombia
Arista Alarcon, Miriam Lima, Peru
Ariza Donado, Natalia Bogotá, Colombia
Barrera Arellano, Felipe Quito, Ecuador
Baskovich, Jele Lima, Peru
Beverinotti, Javier La Paz, Bolivia
Brito Vera, Juan Quito, Ecuador
Bustos Rios, Maria Bogotá, Colombia
Cachay Espino, Gladis Lima, Peru
Calahorrano Tirado, Karina Quito, Ecuador
Campos Velazco, Carlos Lima, Peru
Canavire Bacarreza, Gustavo Javier Washington D.C., USA
Caro Hinojosa, Elba Lima, Peru
Carrillo Maldonado, Paul Quito, Ecuador
Castilleja Vargas, Liliana Lima, Peru

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