The Budget and Administrative Services Department (BDA) is responsible for providing senior management and the Board of Executive Directors information on performance and resource allocation in order to inform and enhance decision-making; as well as manage corporate procurement and administrative services. As such, the department is the focal point for budget formulation and execution support, and for ensuring the most transparent and efficient corporate procurement system.

BDA is divided in the Budget Division and the Administrative Services, Security, and Corporate Procurement Division. BDA prepares and processes, in coordination with other organizational units, the administrative and capital budgets of the bank. It manages corporate procurement activities, including the implementation of corporate procurement policies and procedures.

The department also manages Bank facilities at headquarters and country offices, including real estate purchases, security, general maintenance and office space management, overseeing general corporate services such as official air travel, vehicle purchases and maintenance, equipment, shipments and moves, as well as events-management, including food services.

Yeshy Edwin

General Manager of the Budget and Administrative Services Department


Budget Division

Administrative Services, Security, and Corporate Procurement Division


Name Office in
Abbott, Elvin Washington D.C., USA
Adams, Christopher Washington D.C., USA
Adeyemi, Marcus Washington D.C., USA
Adolphe, Yrvens Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Ahearn, Peter Washington D.C., USA
Allen, Maura Washington D.C., USA
Alves Rosa, Maria Washington D.C., USA
Antelo, Freddy Washington D.C., USA
Aparicio, Mauricio Washington D.C., USA
Arana, Gisella Washington D.C., USA
Araya Orozco, Nynoshka San José, Costa Rica
Archie, Andre Washington D.C., USA
Arias, Elizabeth Washington D.C., USA
Balcazar, Juan Washington D.C., USA
Barmaimon, Martin Washington D.C., USA
Basinger, Brad Washington D.C., USA
Bennett, Jeffrey Washington D.C., USA
Blanchard, Phillip Washington D.C., USA
Borja Osorio, Cindy Washington D.C., USA
Boyd, Robert Washington D.C., USA

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