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Multidonor Disaster Prevention Trust Fund

Fund Description

The Multidonor Disaster Prevention Trust Fund was established in 2006 and received contributions from Japan, Korea, Spain, and Canada. The Fund finances non-reimbursable technical cooperation operations to support IDB borrowing member countries to: (i) manage risks related to natural hazards by reducing vulnerability, and by preventing and mitigating disasters before they occur; (ii) leverage knowledge, good practice, tools and government commitment for risk management solutions; and (iii) provide a vehicle for developing a shared approach to supporting disaster risk management in the region.


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Main Characteristics

The Multidonor Disaster Prevention Trust Fund is a non-reimbursable technical cooperation multi donor trust fund. The Fund accepts contributions from any donor or donors through the subscription to a Contribution Letter.Fund resources finance technical cooperation activities and small investments related to the objectives of the Fund.

Type of Project

The principal technical cooperation activities to be financed by the Multidonor Disaster Prevention Trust fund are the following: - Identification and documentation of risk at sector or country level. - Preparation of projects or components of projects related to disaster prevention. - Strengthen/create early warning systems, communication and education. - Plan for use of land for reduction vulnerability. - Strengthening of institutions capabilities, policies and programs. - Strengthening of insurance markets including the design of financial instruments. The resources of the fund may also be used to finance small investments required with the above-mentioned activities.

Beneficiary Countries

All IDB Borrowing Member Countries are eligible.

Eligible Sectors

Only activities related to the identification of risk, disaster planning and prevention of disasters apply.

Eligible Nationality of Consultants

Consultants from all IDB Member Countries are eligible.

Project Size

A maximum of US$ 1,000,000


The MDP's sister fund, the DPF is currently being considered for replenishment. Once replenished, the DPF may consider requests for MDP funding.


How is this different from the Disaster Prevention Fund (DPF)? The two funds have the same objectives and finance similar activities. The DPF is funded with the Bank's Ordinary Capital and the MDP is a multidonor fund.

Recent Performance

Until December, 2011 the MDP has received total amount of US$11.9 million. Since the Fund’s inception, the Bank has applied these resources toward 14 projects with total amount of US$ 8.9 million. The portfolio is executing well.

Donor Country / Donor Gross Pledge Received (Credited) Pledge
    Global Affairs Canada 0.00 0.98
    Ministry Of Finance Of Japan (Mof) 0.00 8.00
      Korea, Republic Of
    Ministry of Economy and Finance of Korea 0.00 2.50
    Ministerio De Economía Y Competitividad De España 0.00 5.42
Total 0.00 16.90

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  • All Pledged Amounts are as of 09/22/2019
  • Amounts are in Millions
  • Amounts are expressed in USD converted as of the current date

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