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Fund Description

Contribute to creation and benefit of comparative advantages of biodiversity and ecosystem services (BIO&ES) for LAC sustainable development. Supports: (i) integration of BIO&ES into infrastructure & productive sectors; (ii) increase knowledge & protection of critical, large-scale ecosystems; (iii) policies, governance frameworks, & public investments for BIO&ES conservation/maintenance; (iv) create new economic, financial, & business opportunities for sustainable development & innovative techniques BIO&ES protection.


GCM Single Window

Main Characteristics

The general objective of the program is to create opportunities and utilize the comparative advantage of the Region in biodiversity and ecosystems services for sustainable and inclusive development in LAC by: (i) assessing and integrating the economic value of biodiversity and ecosystem services within LAC into infrastructure and productive sectors; (ii) increasing awareness on and protecting critical and large-scale ecosystems of regional significance; (iii) supporting LAC countries in the implementation of directed and effective policies, governance frameworks, and public investments that secure and enhance biodiversity conservation and the maintenance of ecosystem services; and (iv) creating new economic, financial, and business opportunities that contribute to sustainable development and include innovative techniques for the protection of biodiversity and maintenance of ecosystem services in the Region.

Type of Project

The resources of the proposed program will finance non-reimbursable technical cooperation operations and grants related to its objectives

Beneficiary Countries

All countries of the region.

Eligible Sectors

Component 1: Assessing and integrating the economic value and importance of biodiversity and ecosystem services into strategic economic sectors. Component 2: Investing in priority regional ecosystems conservation. Component 3: Strengthening and fostering environmental governance. Component 4: Promoting private sector investment opportunities that foster innovation in environmental protection.

Eligible Nationality of Consultants

Individual consultants and consulting firms from all member countries of the Bank are eligible to bid for contracts financed by the fund.

Project Size

US$ 1.5 million

Donor Country / Donor Gross Pledge Received (Credited) Pledge
    Agencia Presidencial De Cooperacion Internacional De Colombia (Apc) 0.00 0.70
Total 0.00 0.70

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