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Main Characteristics

Objectives. The Fund will finance activities that focus on improving agricultural productivity and natural resources management as a means of enhancing food security and reducing poverty. Main areas of intervention. The Fund will finance non-reimbursable operations (TCs and Investment Grants) for: (a) project design and studies; (b) formulation / review of national strategies and policies; (c) training and other knowledge events, and (d) demonstration and pilot projects within the following three pillars: i. Agricultural /Environmental management ii. Increased Productivity through Sustainable Intensification iii. Trade and Access to Markets

Type of Project

financing or cofinancing of TC operations and investment grants also, for trust fund appointees

Donor Country / Donor Gross Pledge Received (Credited) Pledge
    Global Affairs Canada 0.00 5.82
    Agencia Presidencial De Cooperacion Internacional De Colombia (Apc) 0.00 0.06
      United States of America
    The Dow Chemical Company 0.00 4.00
Total 0.00 9.88

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  • Amounts are in Millions
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